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Welcome to the Bottom of the Cheesecake!

Our favorite season is here...

...and we brought Pumpkin Spice! Snag a Bag

Something sweet for every dish!

From breads to milkshakes to salads, Cinnful Crunch is the finishing touch. Try something new!
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shop here! This is the one that started it all! Honey Graham crackers, zesty Saigon blend cinnamon, a touch of sweet, and a hint of salt combine with a satisfying crunch that brings you back for more!
shop here! A seasonal selection gone full time! We added a touch of mint to our smooooth chocolate - perfect for those long, lazy, warm relaxing evenings. Mmmmmm!
shop here! Everything from the original and more! The crunchy adventure continues with the addition of just enough fresh-roasted pecans to balance that cinnamony zing!
shop here! Not feeling nutty? We zip you off to Holland for an infusion of Dutch cocoa with a brief stop in Italy for an eye-opening shot of espresso! So good!
shop here! For that familiar taste of a spoonful of your favorite PB, grab a bag today!
shop here! And now for something completely different - A tropical delight with a cinnful twist!
shop here! Enjoy all the flavors of your favorite pumpkin pie wihtout all that messy baking! Add a little whipped cream and this could be the start of a whole new dessert!

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- Kurt Vonnegut